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Give the Gift of Reiki


Ten reasons why you should give

 the gift of Reiki Training this Christmas:

 1- It never goes bad, melts or breaks

2- It won't end up in a drawer in January

3 - It's okay if it gets gifted further

4 - It returns back to you, as Reiki sessions (if you ask nicely)

5 - It's a gift for life, and they'll never run out of it

6 - You can get one for yourself at a discount

7 - You don't have to fight crowds or stand up in line to buy it

8 - You can be sure it's according to their taste

9 - It's good and safe for the environment

10 - Its a gift they can take with them anywhere they go, and it will remind them of you!

 Order your certificate now at tana.saler@rogers.com !