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Are you an entrepreneur with good communication skills and a commitment for personal development? Would you like to learn more about your inner strengths and their outer expressions? Than consider attending my classes and training programs!

 I love teaching and guiding people through their growth processes towards health, wellness and a fulfilling, significant life. I am being told that I clarify things for people better than anyone else did in their life; I have a gift of expressing the most difficult concepts to grasp, and perhaps even more important, I know how to enable you find answers within yourself. Many of my students find life-changing answers within their own wisdom, during my classes!

 I must confess, though, as much as I love my teaching work, I enjoy less promoting my own business. Iíd rather be teaching than marketing my classes. This is why I am willing to pay anyone who enjoys marketing more than I do. This is the reason I have created this Learn and Earn program. This program is allowing you to participate in my classes at no cost, and actually get paid a portion of my net income for any class you put together and fill up for me. This way, I get to do only what I like, and so do you; you get to enjoy your learning, and so do the other participants in the class. Itís a win-win for all Ė the spiritual philosophy I like to live by.

 Are you up to it? You are, if:

         You are committed to your personal development, health, wellness and purposefulness

        You have a good entrepreneurial spirit, and enjoy taking initiative

        You enjoy earning money while doing what you love

        You are a positive, enthusiastic and effective communicator

        You have excellent interpersonal skills

 Your task in this program:

         You promote the class

        You fill up the class with the number of students we agree upon

        You take registration

        For larger classes, you may need to find an appropriate space to rent

 See? Thatís easy.

 Here are your Benefits:

         You get full participation in the class, including manual and certification where they are provided

        You earn a percentage of my net income

        You could get thanked for by the students you sign up, for organizing a class they very likely enjoyed.

 Ready to go? Then call me at (613) 523-6592 or email me at tana.saler@rogers.com