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Boja sessions:

The Boja treatment technique is a type of bodywork founded by Robert (Bob) Jaaltink from Holland, and it is a combination of Oriental accupresure with Occidental massage. The hand movements follow the meridians and the lymphatic system. Blockages are removed and flow is being re-established in the body and in the energy system. Boja is an excellent immune system booster. It is recommended to receive Boja treatments in multiples of 3 sessions.

When shall you book a series of Boja sessions? Any time you feel tired, under weather, over stressed or when your immune system is weakened. 

How does a session feels like? The Boja session unfolds very much like a regular massage session, on the treatment table. The work starts from the head, covering feet, legs, arms, back and front of the trunk. The session is combined with aroma and sound therapy, and the approach is gentle and soothing.

How to prepare for a session? Eat lightly before your session, and drink lots of water afterwards. Detox-like effects can occur, and you can support the healing with Epsom-salt baths, Reiki self-treatments, good body hydration and conscious breathing.