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Clearing Emotions and achieving Emotional Freedom

Energetically, unresolved emotions are patterns of energy. These are “high maintenance” patterns, they cost you energy, restricting the flow necessary for good health and successful, joyful living.

 Any unresolved emotions can literally rule your life, especially when they are in your non-conscious mind, and you are unaware of them. Take a few examples:


*      An unconscious fear of flight, for instance, can cause you to only go on holidays at a driving distance. If the fear of flight is unconscious, you will, unconsciously, seek to avoid it. Thus, the unresolved fear decides for you where you travel and where you don’t.


*      Fear of rejection, when unresolved, may keep you from attempting any project that involves the acceptance or evaluations of others. Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, millionaires and authors of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, were turned down by all the publishing houses in New York when presenting their first manuscript. Obviously, fear of rejection did not have a hold on them, and they proceeded to find their own solution. If the same happens to someone whose fear of rejection has a grip on them, they may break down in tears, crying, thinking “What’s the use for even trying?” and “Why bother?”. They might give up and never know what doors could open for them should they be willing to face, feel, and act in spite of the fear of rejection.


*      Fear of abandonment, when unconscious and unresolved, may keep you from risking intimacy with another. It may keep you thinking, most likely unconsciously “Why risk getting close to another, when they’re going to leave me anyway.”


*      Anxiety and panic attacks are unresolved fears, seeking resolution. I used to suffer from panic attacks from the age of 18 till I was in my thirties. Every time it felt like I was going to die: my throat was getting congested, my head felt like a pressure cooker, my heart was racing, and a feeling of fainting was followed by uncontrollable body shaking. I thought I was going crazy. What was baffling me was that the panic attacks seemed to occur when I “should have” been happy! Whenever I was resting, or even watching a movie at the cinema, the heart would start pumping fast, and I’d feel like I was fainting. What was happening, that I was unaware of, whenever I was at rest, the unresolved energy of fears, seeking resolution, would get my attention. It was the best time to get my attention: I was at rest, and had a chance to mind my body!


How did I free myself from anxiety and panic attacks? I sought the help of an energy therapist. On her treatment table, I was guided to pay attention to the fear, and allow it to unfold. I experienced intense fear in my therapist’s safe space; it was short lived, and gave way to such peace that my body was spreading like butter on her massage table. Following the therapy sessions, I found myself doing more and more “daring” things, like quitting a nine-year career in a bank, to become an energy therapist myself, or following my heart across the ocean to marry the man I was dreaming of.


*      Phobias: unconscious fears of water, dogs, spiders, snakes, closed spaces, open spaces – the human experience has known so many of them. Often, a phobia is kept secret, like something to be ashamed of. Energy psychology techniques can effective and successful in eliminating phobias. During a presentation on Energy Psychology to a group in Ottawa, I worked with a woman who had a life-long fear of water. The fear was gone in ten minutes, and months later now, it is still gone. Wondering what she has missed so far with that now gone phobia, this woman is now considering taking swimming lessons!

Achieving emotional freedom means addressing and clearing the unresolved emotions.   The released energy becomes available for you to use and enjoy in various areas of your life. As you free yourself emotionally, your possibilities expand.

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The assistant's note: For Your Information, I specialize in curing fear of dogs. I already have a few cures under my belt. One of Tana's friends, for instance, was one of the people cured of a life-long fear of dogs. Now she dog-sits for her friends' large dogs. I work together with Tana in your service. I accept payment in Mother Hubbard liver cookies or any similar currency.



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