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Growing up with a “fix me” medical philosophy, it was not easy to adopt or even fathom the idea of me being responsible for my health, lack of, or healing process. It took years to understand that even with homeopathic remedies it was “I” doing the healing work. For all I knew, I was swallowing something that would “fix” me. In the past, I used to swallow antibiotics, analgesics and other miracle pills that would be responsible, not me, for my wellness. Now, instead of those pills, I would swallow smaller pills, little magical pellets that would now be the source of my healing.


The “me-small-and-powerless” way of thinking has extended over the natural therapies. Instead of swallowing Tylenol, one might as well swallow some feverfew plant to alleviate the headache, or see an acupuncturist, or a spiritual healer to “take their pain away”. The helpless health client ingests a substance that will “fix” them or lies on the treatment table, waiting for their therapist or healer to “fix” them.


Does this really work? The “fix-me” approach may work to some extent. Symptoms may change, pain may subside. But with no conscious change in your own lifestyle, emotional management, or belief system, symptoms are prone to return, in the same way, or unexpectedly different.


Empowered healing is the philosophy accrediting you as “in charge” of your processes. This means, you have the power to create your reality, are responsible for the present experiences in your life and health, and have the power and ability to create changes. Issues, be they life or health issues, are regarded as feedback, or lessons for you to learn. Using energy testing methods, you can discover whether you need to be conscious of the lesson in each issue, or not, before it is being released. When all the parts of your system (conscious, unconscious, superconscious) agree to release a symptom or another issue without the need for you to be conscious of its cause, you get a healing “freebie”. Other times, your system requires your awareness on the cause of an issue before it is willing to release it. Becoming aware allows you to take conscious action towards your healing or life goal. This empowers you, or, in other words, taking any actions towards achieving your goals adds to your personal power. Telling yourself “it’s not up to me whether I heal or not”, makes you weak and small, it takes away your power.


All the choices and actions you take, either make you weak and small, or make you strong and empowered. The inner dialogue in your head makes you either weak or strong. The motivator behind each of your actions will either weaken you, or make you strong. The “fix-me” approach to health and wellness can give short-term results. But if you are curious to find out how far you can go with your health, life, personal and spiritual growth, then you might want to take active part in your healing processes. My clients and students receive “homework” to do between sessions. Homework is often based on skills acquired on the treatment table. Ranging anywhere from nutrition to breathing to emotional management to specific meditations, homework seems to play an important part in the client’s health and wellness outcome. Achieving a goal as a result of her or his actions, the healing client is empowered: she or he is at cause. The message reaching their unconscious mind is “I can”. I can heal means I can achieve anything. The consciousness of empowerment expands with a snow-ball effect, from a tiny little step of conscious breathing to personal achievements that often amaze both client and therapist.


In an empowered healing session, you are being guided to gaining CLARITY (Where am I in my life and health? What do I really want to achieve?). You are being assisted in finding DIRECTION (Where do I go from here? What is my next step?) And the significant part is, you are being enabled to ACCESS your RESOURCES (How do I get where I want to be?) so you can create a life of joy and total freedom of expression.


A few examples of how this works: A student who attended my workshop “The Art and Science of Making Wishes Come True” found her life calling during the workshop, after hearing a key question which triggered the answer from within herself. Another student who participated in several programs with me has applied successfully the acquired skills at her previously stressful work. Now she was “taming” irritated customers by doing the breathing and visualization exercises learned in class. And from my own personal miracles, I was doing a PSYCH-K balance for myself, on issues related to self-esteem, and as a result, within a few minutes, my shoulder released a severe stiffness, accompanied by emotional release.


The conclusion: looking at the world I come from, the “fix-me” medical approach, I wonder where would my, and others’ health be if we grew up with knowledge of our power. The other day I was aligning my back with some yoga postures. Feeling good about it, I was thinking of my father’s spine, with a history of numerous surgery operations. Each episode of pain in my father’s back ended up with either strong medication, or surgery. My dad was cut more than I can count, and this did not make his health better. He complains of heaviness in his legs, still some pain in his back, and more. And I am thinking, how sad it’s been for my father, and many people like him, when this could all have been different with some stretching and yoga postures, some body-mind techniques and a dose or empowered healing!

Article published in Tone magazine, February 2006