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Rainy day today. Kinook and I just returned from our walk through the park, me carefully stepping around the puddles, Kinook walking right through the center of each and every one of them.

 Kinook has been my canine companion for the past seven years. She is an Akita-Chow mix, bright, calm by her nature, and very empathic. Her ability to sense what others experience has worked both with her and against her: as our “pack” went through some intense emotional times, she took the intensity of the emotional turbulence on herself, loosing her balance, physically and mentally. A few years ago Kinook embarked on a classical homeopathy healing journey, with the occasional hands-on healing therapy from me. Slowly she recovered from loss of appetite, intense skin itching and infections, fears of socializing with other dogs, fears of intense noise and more.

 The healing journey has been slow – a steady upward curve of recovery. This has been true for both of us. At times, the mirroring of each other is so accurate, that I can’t really say whether I mirror her experience or she mirrors mine. We are both empaths and healers, human and canine, walking side by side in this awesome journey we call “life”.

 When Richard Schultz of Wisdom Ways (http://www.wisdomways.net/ ) was in Ottawa to teach a basic PSYCH-K training, I hosted him at my home. One afternoon we headed out to walk with Kinook in the neighborhood. It was a sunny summer day, and Kinook paused in her tracks, refusing to go any further. She had done this before, on rainy days: she had developed a fear of rain – not only thunder, which terrified her, but just rain. This afternoon, however, she was refusing to walk on a perfectly dry, sunny, afternoon. Richard was surprised: it was the first time in his life he was seeing a dog who does NOT want to go for a walk. Later during his stay, he treated Kinook with an advanced PSYCH-K technique, using my body as a surrogate for the dog. That, together with some Rescue remedy in her water bowl, and some tips from the Dog Whisperer show, was the end of Kinook’s refusal to walk. Kinook continued to take her homeopathic remedies, every now and then, still showing a slow and steady recovery.

 This winter passed with some more emotional events for us. Soon after a particularly demanding incident, Kinook started limping. She showed pain in her lower back / hips. Lucky to have Kathleen Collins of Animal Lifestyle (http://www.animallifestyle.ca/) as a friend, Kinook started receiving Bowen sessions. She responds well, with the regular aggravation a day or two after the session, followed by great physical and mental improvement. Then March came with rainy days, and Kinook started showing signs of distress during the rain, even when she was indoors. Her ears pulled back, tail down, pacing agitatedly back and forth, pawing at all the doors and the drawers in the house, and looking for a place to hide: her entire being was spelling “fear”.

 I decided to explore something I had not tried before: doing Energy Psychology with her using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). I entered into surrogation for her, actually feeling the fear of rain in my own body. Tears rolling down my cheeks, I calibrated the fear at about a nine in intensity. Then I went through the regular tapping protocol on acupuncture points, until the intensity decreased all the way to zero. I stepped out of surrogation and the days went on.

 Today, April 4th – another rainy day, and Kinook and I just returned from our walk. She trotted happily through puddles in the park, reluctant to return home too soon on such a wonderful rainy day in the park. Zero signs of fear: she actually enjoys the rain! We continue our work together, exploring ways to address the back pain and other symptoms with EFT, and I am over and over again in awe and amazed with the tremendous power of the healing tools available to me and to us all.

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