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Correcting Psychological Reversal and Restoring Flow

 Do you remember the movie: “Ground Hog Day” with the man who repeated the same day over and over again until he made some significant changes? Do you know anyone feeling the same, stuck in a pattern? How about someone living the Ground Hog Years?

 Repeating patterns over and over again; treading water; closed doors; stuck in a pattern: no matter how you describe it, this is when nothing seems to work, things just don’t go your way, no matter how hard you try. Relax, you’re not alone. And the good news is, there’s a way out for you!

 Flow from the inside out: Once your energy flows freely in your system, it frees possibilities of expression in your life circumstances. Where to start? From the Energy Psychology perspective, your energy is likely reversed, flowing backwards, which means that your vitality is spiraling down and a little inner saboteur in the background of your subconscious mind is busy at work. This means that anything you do for health or growth doesn’t work. What you can do is to correct the reversal.

 Checking for reversal. If you know how to energy test (muscle test), test yourself for the statement: “I am willing, ready and able to enjoy success” (or health, wealth, loving relationships etc). Then test the opposite statement: “I prefer to fail (or be ill, poor, frustrated etc)”. If you test weak on the first statement and strong on the second one, you have psychological reversal. If you are unsure about how to energy test, simply state a positive statement, and notice how you feel when you hear yourself say it. Do you believe it is true? Then say the negative statement and notice how you feel when you say it.

 Correcting the reversal. There is more than one way to correct psychological reversal. Here is my favorite way, coming from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques): Tap the “karate chop” – the outer edge of one hand using the fingertips of your other hand. Use the same pressure you would use to drum. While tapping, say out loud: “Even though I have this […problem…], I deeply and completely love and accept myself without condition.” The “problem” can be “ill, not healthy, frustrated, hard life, not successful etc”. Repeat the phrase three times, and enhance the second, positive part with a bit of theatre. Apply this reversal correction five-six times a day: when you wake up, after you eat, in the bathroom. Be aware that the inner saboteur will try to talk you out of doing this correction, telling you that you don’t have time, you are tired, you forgot to do this, you don’t believe in these things, it won’t work etc. So set the alarm, write reminder notes, work together with a friend or family member, and do the correction anyway.

 In my practice I regularly check for reversal, and when I find it, I offer this activity as homework. I also use the correction in session before applying any of the other Energy Psychology techniques. The reason it needs to be repeated is because the correction only lasts for a while, before the old encrypted self-sabotaging pattern kicks in. With perseverance of daily corrections, in time, the correction becomes permanent. How do you know it’s taken place? You notice things “flowing” in your life, and good things happening. Then your energy flows forward and you spiral upwards towards vitality and growth.

 An example of reversal corrected: during my recent overseas travels I worked with a friend of mine we’ll call Lisa. Lisa is a holistic reflexologist, wife and mother of two, who sounded constantly tired and stressed. Her husband triggered her often, and she complained a lot about his moods and ways. In a session, we found and corrected Lisa’s reversal, then applied some Energy Psychology techniques, and we opened a Family Constellation for her family. With her vast experience in processing energy, Lisa moved fast through our session and felt deep changes within her. A few days after my return to Canada, she wrote me that her husband just surprised her for their anniversary, took the day off and drove her to a fun and relaxing place as a surprise. She sounded much happier than before!

 Activities to support flow:

 1 - Find what brings you joy and pleasure – for example, dining out with friends, or swimming at the pool, or taking art classes, or belly dancing and pursue it! Start with one or two things. Investing energy in something that uplifts your energy is a smart investment.

 2- Speak only of the good stuff! Notice when you complain, gossip and blame, and stop. Even if one percent of the day went well, speak about it. Stretch it, magnify it, blow it up, and talk about it with enthusiasm. Notice how this makes you feel, what body sensations are there.

 Modest or boaster? I used to think that boasting is bad. Then I met a famous Ottawa-based acupuncturist who is often seen pointing at one of the beds and exclaiming: “See this woman over here? She had pain. Now, no more pain. She so happy!”.

 Let’s say you look for a service provider, and meet one who says “Dang! Another one died on me”. Then another one who exclaims “ Wow! Amazing results!”. Which one will you choose? Which one would your rather be?  

 3 – Practice gratitude journaling. Make long bulleted lists of reasons why you are grateful. Jot them down. I don’t care if you have a longer list of what doesn’t work. Write down anything that works, whether it’s the smile on someone’s face, the sunny day, the fact that you have eyes to read this, the purring of your cat, the crunch on your grilled cheese sandwich – anything! List each and every organ in your body that functions well, and if there is one functioning at 80%, thank it for the 80% that it does work.

 4 – Find a therapist / coach that can escort you on the way back to growth, who will monitor your success with you, and will support you in your power. Stay away from those who encourage you to tell sad stories in great detail, for they support you in your weakness. Choose someone who sees your strength even before you yourself do, and focuses on it!

 5 – In God We Trust! Nothing beats praying to the Infinite Wisdom. Whichever your faith and belief system is, turning to the source of all goodness really means accessing your resources. It’s as if the part of you who suffers hands out the car keys to that vast part who is Pure Love and Infinite Wisdom, and telling it “You drive now.”

 Then sit back, relax and watch!

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