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Healing Trauma

If you have experienced, in your past, events that your brain registered as traumatic, and you have not yet resolved them, their memory remains within your system as an energetic unfinished business. Your system, seeking resolve to the past trauma, will unconsciously re-create opportunities for resolution. In other words, you will repeat the same type of event, each time with different players, over and over again, evoking the same thoughts and pain as the first time. The associated emotional pain will increase in intensity with each repeat of the pattern, until its resolution.


In an energy therapy session, you will recall a significant event from this chain of events belonging to the same pattern. The selection is made by your non-conscious mind, which prioritizes from the place of your deepest wisdom. With Tana’s guidance, you access this place of deep wisdom through your body. During the session, you briefly connect with the unresolved pain / trauma of the past event, and swiftly clear it from your energy system. Corrections are made energetically between the various parts at play in the recalled story. The clearing and corrections are experienced as body-felt shifts and changes, often accompanied by alleviation of physical symptoms.


One woman came to a session after lung infection and treatment with antibiotic. Her lungs were still irritated and she still had a wet cough. During session, three events in her life were addressed and cleared, all three events having to do with how she felt she was treated by family members. By the end of the session her lungs were clear. She phoned me two days after, to let me know that her lungs were still clear, and the family members she had difficulty with, were now treating her differently.


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