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Illuminated Art: More than Meets the Eye

Created with intent, in a state of connectedness with the Superconscious, Tana's art pieces are channels of light, beaming higher frequencies to the observer, and to the environment. Each painting captures the essence of an intent: healing, alignment, expansion or transformation.

When painting by commission, Tana meditates on her client's personal goal. The result is a custom-created art piece which offers symbolic - energetic support to its owner.

"Hand of God" carries the essence of Inspiration in writing. The writing hand holds the pen in the physical action of writing; yet the letters and words carry the light from above. When you create a book, who does the writing?

  "Hand of God" is part of the Harmony Hopes project - see http://salvaide.ca/harmonyhopes.html It is shown this month of July 2007 at the Green Door vegetarian restaurant on Main Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada.

"Angel" establishes communication with Beings of Light. Sold.

"Love Flowing like Water" A couple emerges from water, as a physical manifestation of Love. A great Feng-Shui piece for your SW corner of your home or bedroom.

"Connected" The experience of being connected and at one with All That Is can easily occur in Nature, or watching this painting.

"Blues to Joy". This piece carries the consciousness of transforming grief and sadness into pure joy. The "Blues" are sucked in a vortex, giving way to pure Joy. If you feel blue, look: there is Light at the end of the tunnel!

"Anger to Peace" - the encoded energy here is of rage and anger drawn into the healing vortex of Peace, and transformed into Olympic Fire..

   "Purple Dream of Stillness" How do you feel when you contemplate it?

"Purple Dream" with skyline: the Sky is the limit! Sold.

"Purple Dream Island" brings you the restful recreation of an Island Holiday even before you can take one.

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Kinook, the Assisting Healer