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Tana's Journey

Tana Saler is a practitioner and trainer of Energy Therapies which she decided to bring to the world through her work after they proved healing and life transforming for herself, as a healthcare client.

A few years ago, Tana suffered of severe physical and emotional symptoms that could not be diagnosed by medical doctors. Various medical tests, some of them painful, were indicating perfect health, yet Tana was experiencing digestive problems, migraines, dizziness, nausea, allergies, anxiety and more, and was feeling discouraged. She decided to try holistic healthcare, and soon enough she experienced such profound changes in her health and overall well-being, that she felt drawn to become a practitioner herself.

Born in Romania, Tana was formally educated in Marketing and Trade (M.A.). In 1985 she immigrated to Israel, where she lived for 15 years before she arrived in Canada. Tana spent most of her Israeli years working as a banker, until she left her job to work as a healer.

Tana became a Reiki practitioner and a certified Teaching Master in 1999. She has studied intensively other Energy Therapies and types of bodywork.  Tana uses her healing tools in an integrative way, according to her clients’ challenges and goals. Tana's focus is the body-mind-spirit connection, and much of her work focus is the various Energy Psychology methods, such as PSYCH-K and EFT. Tana Saler uses her Energy Therapy methods not only in her practice, but in her everyday life, to cope with life's challenges and for her own personal growth, wellness and transformation.

Having lived a few years of intense stress in her private life, Tana has applied her talents and knowledge to move from the "victim" consciousness to "Queen of her Queendom". With her expanding understanding and mastering of relationships, more and more women suffering stress and abuse are seeking support in her practice.

Among the classes offered at the Master Within are all levels of Reiki (Usui, Karuna, Lightarian), the Energy of Language and Energy Psychology.

Tana is currently living in Ottawa, ON, Canada, with the greatest Teacher of her life, Jeff and her precious canine assistant, Kinook. She is grateful for the richness and expansion of her journey, and thankful for those who accompany her each step of the way.


"Caterpillar: Who are YOU?
Alice: This was not an encouraging opening for a conversation. I -- I hardly know, sir, just at present -- at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have been changed several times since then". ( Alice in Wonderland - Lewis Carroll)


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