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Making the Right Choices

Did you ever have a dilemma, not knowing where to go at life’s crossroads, or did you ever face second thoughts about a previous choice?

 Then you will benefit from learning what no school system teaches you: how to make choices that are right for you!

 In both my private sessions and my workshops and training programs, one of the first “A, B, C” lessons people learn is how to tune in to their deepest wisdom. When your intellect works together with your intuition, in a whole-brain choice-making process, you are likely to be happy with the choices you make, and often, quite enjoy their outcomes. Your intellect alone does not know what serves your peace of mind. The left-brain choices are often “shoulds” based on learn societal values: “I should work as an accountant”; “I should marry this person, because they have a good profession and my parents like them” and so on. The intellect seeks to satisfy its own needs. However, peace of mind, joy, expansion and freedom, are qualities stemming from the expression of your innermost wisdom and truth. While working as an accountant may win you prestige, social acceptance and a decent income, it may not necessarily bring you happiness. What brings you happiness?

 Your body is a bio-processor, processing information from the environment. When you pay attention to the information processing, you become aware of sensations. When you learn to decode the language of your body, you learn to access your deepest wisdom. Your body connects you to your non-conscious mind, the wisdom of your soul, that place within you where all answers and solutions reside.

 In our sessions together, you don’t hear from me other “shoulds”. I don’t tell you what you should do in your life. I do show you how to correctly identify and interpret that language of your deepest wisdom, as expressed through your body.

 A few years ago, a woman came for a session. She was in a relationship with a man. She was not sure that that relationship was best for her, and she did not know what to choose around it. Things weren’t clearly “good” or “bad”, which made her choice not easy. Within the session, she learned how to listen to her deepest wisdom. She decided for two alternative courses of actions: One, was to stay in the relationship, and invest energy in it. Two, was to end the relationship, and move on. The answers she received showed her clearly what to do. One course of action restricted her energy flow, and weakened her system. The other course of action created an expansion and greater flow in her system. Without even telling me what she decided, this woman left. A couple of years later, her sister-in-law came to see me. The first thing she told me was:” My sister-in-law came to see you for a session. After you worked with her, she ended her relationship with the man she was involved with at the time. It was easy, no hard feelings, no emotions. It was as if she knew what to do and that’s that. Then she met this wonderful man, who is her fiancé now, and they are going to get married in January!”

 The learning you acquire in our sessions is universally applicable in your everyday life. From small things, like – what to order at the restaurant; what to wear; to what to read; to big things, like whom to marry; what career to choose; and where to live – you will now have your own way of knowing and assessing your best bet.

 Intuitive decision making is, in my experience, more appropriate than intellectual decision making in promoting your quality of life, and safer than false authority from outside of you.

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