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Article published in Tone magazine June 2006

A few summers ago I was standing in my garden, watering the grass and plants. All of a sudden, I saw a rainbow created by the hose’s water jet. Thinking in metaphors, as I often do, I laughed and exclaimed: “Look at that: I’m making my own rainbow!” Here’s to the power I have!

 What is “power” to you? Power is energy; it is “ability”. The more power you have, the more you are able to do what you want to do, achieve your goals, fulfill your dreams. I have power means “I can”. Your third energy centre – chakra – known as the Solar Plexus, is also called your “Power Chakra”. When open and balanced, this centre allows you to naturally and easily regard yourself as creator of your own reality, able and confident, responsible for your own choices, the King of your Kingdom, or, as I joke in my Reiki classes, the Queen of your Queendom. On the other hand, a closed or imbalanced Solar Plexus is correlated to the victim consciousness. It’s Power-ful versus Power-less.

 How do you think, feel and act when you feel powerful compared to when you feel powerless? To remind you: nothing is carved in stone, and with practice, some balancing and guidance, you can express that powerful self more often than before. Your inner states can change one moment after another, depending on various factors, of which many are within your choice.

 Your language reflects your inner state; it is an expression of how you experience yourself and your world. The words your non-conscious mind hears from yourself or another are effective in changing your inner states, bringing you to an either resourceful state – where you can access your inner resources, such as wisdom and creative problem-solving-, or to a less than resourceful state, where you don’t see solutions or directions for your life. During the Reiki II class, my students learn to use a pendulum and the Reiki symbols to test, open and balance chakras. I often offer an alternative to the symbols, and ask the tested student to think a powerless thought; for instance, something that starts with “I can’t”. Immediately, the testing student’s pendulum indicates “closed”, and to his or her amazement, the tested student feels his / her stomach tighten. Then, the tested student is asked to verbalize with emotion a powerful thought, such as “I am the creator of my destiny!”. They can often feel the warmth and flow of chi in their Solar Plexus, and the pendulum immediately indicates “open”.

 In other words, any words your mind hears either add to your power (chi / ki) or costs you power. During the Language for Healing classes students learn to feel in their body the effects of words; this helps them discern what to say and what to listen to. You too can start paying attention to words. Start noticing the words you, and other people, use and try to intuit whether these words are “power talk” or “power-less talk”. One example is a person I know who often uses the expression: “Well, what can you do?”.

 How does this relate to your health? Well, the power chakra rules your stomach and pancreas and some of the most common biological manifestations of imbalances in the Solar Plexus are gastritis, ulcer, blood sugar imbalance (diabetes) and metabolic imbalance.  Addictions and clinginess are also signs of feeling without power.

 Following is a comparative table that will help you identify experiences and language patterns associated with personal power: 


Powerless Powerful
You feel that you are a victim of circumstances “Poor me”:.... You feel that you create your reality. You call the shots on what happens in your life:
I can’t do it. I can do it.
There’s nothing I can do because of these circumstances.  ... I wonder what I can do given these circumstances.
This situation happened to me. I created / attracted a situation that I now intend to change / heal.
Your questions keep you paralyzed and stuck in a situation:  Your questions propel you forward by stimulating your mind’s problem-solving ability:
Why is this happening to me? How come? How can I…? What is the optimal choice?
You analyze the source of the problem (analysis paralysis!): You look for solutions, which moves you forward:
This is how things are and it’s all because that person / that past event. This is how things are; what is the optimal choice for me now?
 You attribute your experiences to events, people and situations outside of you: You take full responsibility for your own experiences:
The news made me angry. I felt angry when I heard the news.
He makes me cry. I cry when I hear him say that.
You make choices based on what will please others: You make the choices that are right for you regardless of other people’s expectations. It’s easy for you to state a wish:
Where do you want to dine tonight? I don’t know what I want; we’ll do whatever you choose. I’d like to dine at the Green Door tonight; how about you?

You take responsibility for what others do and how others feel. Some call you a “control freak”. Your “help” or advice is often uninvited.



You allow others to take responsibility for their own life experiences and choices, including mistakes. You only offer help as your help is asked for.
You “should” do this instead of that! I know what’s good for you! I honor your choice even as I think that another choice would be supportive of you.
 You give your advisors responsibility of your choices (remember the saying “The Devil made me do it?”) Even when advised by others, you acknowledge that the bottom line choice is yours.
He made me do this. She got me to go there. I was told to stay here. This is what I choose / decide.
 At times, you have difficulty seeing the choices: You always feel you have choice, even in difficult circumstances.
I have no choice!  I’ll choose this! That’s what I decide.


Regarding your health and healing: there are so many entries of access to create change: biology level, emotions, thoughts / mind, spiritual, environment, individual level, collective level; the many levels of cosmic forces. In my work – as well as my own development – I opt for the level of maximum leverage. In other words, I choose the entry and level of thinking that allows my client / student most power. An example: a woman had an unpleasant interaction with a person, which caused her great upset. In our session, she told me: “This is because Mercury is in retrograde”. With all my respect for astrology, I saw how this view kept her stuck and hopeless. What can you do with your communication when the planets are playing havoc with you? Nothing; you’re hopeless! I suggested we look into the entry of her psycho-emotional individual level of thinking, and with energy psychology and guidance, my client cleared some emotions, and acquired new strengths and skills.


In your life, there are many factors at play, shaping your world and experiences. Using your power talk will ensure that you maximize the potential of influence you have in your own destiny. Maybe you can’t stop the rain from falling just yet, or you can’t even stop getting wet; but you can certainly be “Singing in the rain! Dancing in the rain!”

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