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Holistic Reflexology:

The Human body is holographic, which means that each part of the body holds information of the whole. Tana works with the soles of the foot, while the feet are an energetic mirror of the whole body. Energetically, this is explained by the fact that the feet – as well as hands- hold the terminals of the meridians through which the Chi – Life Force Energy- circulates.

Tana uses various techniques of handling the feet in order to access and create change in the recipient’s physical body. The treatments are applied in series of at least six sessions spaced at 3 to 7 days distance, and they follow an initial foot analysis session for situation assessment.

During the reflexology session, the client lies down on the treatment table, and participates actively in the process, through breathing and feeling with awareness. He/she is taught to pay attention to his/her body, to deal with pain and emotions, and is encouraged to practice the techniques learned home.

The holistic reflexology that Tana practices is originated in India and Tibet. It is recommended for chronic situations such as migraines, menstrual pain, digestive disorders, back pain etc.

Note: there are counter indications, and these are assessed during the initial foot analysis. Not everyone is suited to receive this type of sessions.

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