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Reiki for Dog Mums Classes


Touch your fur baby for healing, and listen with your hands!


Touching your animal friend with Reiki helps you bond. The warm glow flowing through your hands has an immediate calming effect for a nervous pooch, and soothes pain in an old or ailing dog.


What you will learn:

- How to feel the health state of your dog using the palms of your hands
- How to use awareness (of your own body and of your dog's) for healing 
- Hand positions and touch for soothing tension and pain
- How to use your breath and the sound of your voice for calming your dog
- Resources for natural care and pain management for your fur friend


How will Reiki be helpful:

- Strengthening your bonding
- Calming a nervous dog
- Eagerness of response to commands
- Instant pain management in your hands
- Comforting ailing and aging dogs


Who this class is for:

- Dog Mums who like to give the best care for their fur babies
- Dog Dads who like to nurture their pooches
- No previous experience with Reiki required


When, where, and how much:


Location: 1010 Teron Road, Kanata, K2K 2W4
Time: Thursday, July 21st 2016, 6:30-9:30 pm.
Participation fee: $110.- advanced payment, or $135.- at the door


Bring: Notebook and pen

Contact and registration: Tana Saler, call 613-862-6592, or email tana.saler@rogers.com