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What is your life purpose on this planet? What actions can you take to align your life to your Soul’s purpose?

 You are Spirit in a human journey. Your Soul has three purposes:

 1 – To gravitate towards Source. This is taking place outside of your free will. The two other “missions” are subjected to the free will of your conscious mind:

 2 – Evolving, healing, learning and expanding your individual self. The Hebrew word for it is “Tikkun Nefesh”. Tikkun means amendment, reforming or correction. Nefesh is the part of your soul that is incarnated in this body and lifetime. This means, you are here to learn specific lessons pertaining to the truth of your nature. The lessons could be love, patience, wisdom, respect for all Life, trust, self-worth, or simply worldly success. Each soul has its own “curriculum” and it’s up to you to discover, and follow yours.

 3 – Service. The third aspect of your Soul’s purpose has to do with the evolving, healing, learning and expanding of the whole – humanity, animals and plants – through your own individual contribution. In Hebrew this is called Tikkun Olam (Olam means “world”): reforming the world.

 Some people have no trouble discovering early their true purpose in life. They live a dedicated, passionate life, following their heart and soul, living their mission. Others keep searching and wondering. Living in a society that teaches one how to please others, but not how to read the messages of their own soul, makes it hard for some to find out what it is that they really want to do with their life. Many of my clients come to me with questions related to their purpose in life, finding their joy, or spiritual passion, or making choices that are in alignment with their true Self.

 Spiritual coaching could be compared with Life Coaching with a spiritual dimension. Your Life Coach addresses the mundane aspects of your life, working you towards effective living in specific areas of life. Your Spiritual Coach addresses the various aspects of your life in the context of their alignment with your Soul, or Spirit Self.

 Spiritual coaching is a process where the client is guided in finding answers inside. Some people acquire tools for inner search during our work together; then at home, they use these tools to explore their psyche and find the answers. Others find answers on the spot, as soon as they hear a question. In one of my classes, I asked my students to think what they would do on a weekend morning, when they have no chores or obligations to perform. If they had nothing to do, and could afford anything, what would they do? What would make it worthwhile for them to get out of bed? A woman had an instantaneous revelation: upon hearing my question, she knew: she wanted to take cooking classes and go into the business of cooking or catering. After years and years of searching, this answer came to her as easily as wind is carried on a bird’s wing.

 I, myself, did not know what I wanted to do when I grew up until I was 38. In the sixth grade, in school, when learning chemistry, my friend Daniela whispered in my ear: “When I grow up, I want to be a bio-chemist”. I had no idea what bio-chemistry was, but it did sound impressive. I was jealous on her clarity of vision. So early and she already knew what she wanted to be when she grew up (she did study bio-chemistry and biology, indeed!) I remember my friend’s statement throughout my four years of economy studies in university, throughout the years of struggle from job to job, and throughout my nine years in banking. I was a banker in my thirties, and I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up!

 Then in 1998 things turned around for me. I found myself telling several people that I wish I could do for a living something that would help people. I looked into the possibility of learning Art Therapy. Something, a time-released Soul spark in me was activated, and in January 1999 I knew I wanted to be a healer and a teacher. Later on that year, I quit my job at the bank, hanged a sign on the door “Tana Saler – Holistic Therapies”, printed business cards, and the rest is history.

 Today I use my own experience and knowledge to guide people in finding their own truth and life passion. Spiritual coaching has nothing to do with religious beliefs or affiliation. I don’t do intuitive readings, or bring messages to you from Astral Beings. Rather, I guide you in connecting to your own Deepest Wisdom and your Soul, retrieving information and strength from there, and help you find out within yourself the best ways to apply your resolutions. Your sessions are deep, effective and empowering learning experiences, and your awareness of what makes you tick becomes keen and clear. I am the catalyst that sets you in motion. Rather than being a crutch for you, I am a gentle push forward. You set the pace and the direction, with my guidance. And when you’re rolling, you don’t need me anymore!

 To prepare for a first session, make two lists: Challenges (things you want changed), and Goals (things you want achieved). If you don’t know what you want, make “Clarity” your first item on the Goals list. I’ll guide you through the rest.

 Spiritual coaching sessions are offered one-on-one in my Ottawa office; over the phone; or over Internet, through Skype. For our Internet sessions, you need to install Skype – see www.skype.com and have a video camera with a microphone ready. Call 613-862-6592 to book.