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Life circumstances can change with the wind. Some of the changes pass smoothly; others fall on your head like a cold shower, leaving you shocked, confused and scared.

 Many of my clients come to me in such times of change: a relationship that ended; the news from the doctor: a life-threatening illness diagnosis; a fore coming surgery; changing jobs or careers; long-term travel; new baby in the family. What they find in our private sessions is support to allow them to “ride the wave” smoothly. Sometimes emotions are cleared and replaced with peace; sometimes completion is achieved to an unfinished business; sometimes a person’s psyche gets re-wired, re-programmed for a smoother journey and a safer trip. The least achieved is an energetic relief, unburdening of heavy thoughts and feelings, a re-charging of batteries, newly found inner strength to allow for the transition.

  •  One young mom came for a couple of sessions prior to her fore-coming long-term trip to India. She was loosing sleep wondering how the change in climate and conditions would affect her baby girl. She had scary visions of her baby being harmed. Aware of the Law of Attraction, she was afraid that her own thoughts might magnetize unwanted events in their life.

 In our sessions, we cleared the young mother’s fears with some quick and effective Energy Psychology techniques. The fears, initially calibrated as a 10 in intensity (on a scale from 0 to 10), went all the way down to zero. Then, using PSYCH-K™, another Energy Psychology modality, we programmed Mommy’s subconscious mind for a smooth, joyful journey. She even saw in her mind a safe return back home with her healthy baby-daughter. Each session ended with some Energy Work (Reiki / Quantum Touch.) Soon after our first session, the young mother could sleep again, and she went on her journey feeling more at peace.


  • Another woman came for a session one day before mastectomy (surgery to remove part of her breast due to cancer). She was shocked at her diagnosis; a positive, upbeat personality, this woman was a bundle of laughter. When going deep down in her subconscious mind, under the laughter, we found some unconscious fears regarding the fore-coming surgery. We cleared the fears with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and programmed a successful surgery with PSYCH-K. The person who referred this woman to my practice told me that the surgery was successful indeed, and my client was very happy with her session. It had helped her indeed.


  • A man came to me a few years ago, diagnosed with cancer. He was a family man, and an successful entrepreneur with a great deal of responsibility. He wasn’t even sure why he came for the sessions. He was unaware of any fears regarding the diagnosis and the medical procedures to follow. In our sessions, it was revealed that there were some deeply buried fears, in his non-conscious mind. When my client connected to the fears, they surfaced like an artesian fountain. I guided him to the point of clearing them, and his entire body shook for a while, as he was clearing the intense emotions. The shaking was soon replaced with immense peace, trust and faith in the process of his life and healing. After a few sessions, this man became the most peaceful member in his family, in regard with the medical procedures he decided to forgo.


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