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"I have been blessed with Tana's help, wisdom, compassion, love, expertise and infectious laughter and energy on and off since 2007. It all started with wanting to be more intuitive and to be successful at achieving my dreams and goals. I dragged by husband along because, even though he was a bit skeptical to begin with, he also wanted the same things.

When we first met her we learned about EFT, PSYCH-K, NLP, Reiki and Reversed Polarity. So much to digest, but extremely effective, intriguing, and with Tana, FUN! After that first session we have had several sessions with her on a variety of matters. As we grow and learn more about our selves and our shadows (something else we learned about from her) things surface and now we are not afraid to look at them. It's actually hard to be afraid to look at issues when her smile and warm energy is shedding a light on them. You just seem to start doing it automatically, but the nice thing is that when you're scared and think how are you going to ever be able to to this on your own, she is there to provide you with guidance, wisdom and compassion.

I thank God for helping me find Tana. I have grown so much in the last few years and specifically within the last few monthis, and it's been great to have her assist me in doing so. Thank you for all your love, wisdom and kindness!!!"

Philippa Vos, Inuvik, NWT

Family Constellation work, private session

“First I want to check in about the work we did yesterday. It was very powerful for me, pivoting on how you told told me that this is MY family constellation and I can consciously organize and structure it in accordance with what is intuitively healthy and supportive rather than just accepting the way it has been, or the way I assume it to be. 

Afterward I was feeling really open and released. I also had to go through some old cards and photos (…) [and] I started crying in a really honest way as I recognized how much I was and am loved and also how it is necessary to let go of what has happened with both intention and attention to creating new reality. 

Thank you so much for facilitating all of this and being both competent and creative in you process.” Nathan H, Bay Area, Ca


Hello Tana,

 I hope all is well with you.

 I just thought i would give you an update on how things have been at my end since taking the Reiki 2 a few weeks ago.

I must say that I feel quite different as a person and I feel good. I feel strong and focused and I have a lot of energy. I am taking life as it comes and I am enjoying that feeling. I have been practicing Reiki quite a bit and I have created a box with affirmations in it and I send energy to it every day. It's quite useful and I think it is working  :)

Since Reiki 2, I feel relieved for some reason and I am less worried about the future. I have confidence that good will happen and that I can deal with any curveballs. I feel like I am living in the present a little bit more which is a good feeling altogether.

Tana, I thank you again for the sessions. It really has made a big difference in my life.

Melanie H. Levesque

Reiki Training:

"Greetings and love Tana!
Thank you so much for the Reiki I and II attunement. My life just keeps getting better and better. I am in general so much happier. And life is easier for me. I'm not getting hung up on the little things. My heart is so much bigger.

For over two years I have been developing and growing my spirituality, my peace. It has been a wonderful journey. When I received my Reiki attunements though it seems like worlds just opened up to me at a quick pace. (Does it keep getting better?)

(...) What a great experience. (...) What a blessing the Reiki attunements have been in my life!!!

Thank you and wishing you the best day!"
Stephanie Leffler, (9/09 attunement)


Love Workshops: From Passion to Compassion and Everything in Between

 Thank you Tana. Although you may not be aware, you have helped me face demons, helped me surrender to feelings and have inspired me to grow and become more open to love. 

Kim, Ottawa, March 2nd 2009

 Really enjoyed this workshop! So powerful are your thoughts! 

Paulette, Ottawa, March 2nd 2009

Introduction to Meditation, March 2009

"Simply amazing!! Tana exudes amazing knowledge, wisdom, and compassion. I learned so much and am now in a more peaceful state. Thank you so much Tana. I will certainly see you on Monday :-) [for the Love Workshop]”

Geneviève, Ottawa

"The Reiki I and II classes offered by the amazing Tana Saler far exceeded my expectations. She is a gifted teacher and communicator whose knowledge about energy healing is vast and whose passion for the subject matter shines through. Tana is articulate, intelligent, and can readily explain complicated concepts. She was easily able to integrate and reconcile right and left brain perspectives/thinking. The classes provided an excellent balance between the theory and practical applications. Equally as important, she has a superb sense of humour and made the learning fun - she is completely earth bound and very authentic. Tana has such a warm and loving heart - she was always eager to help her students. I would be pleased to have the opportunity to take other classes with Tana Saler."

- RC, Ottawa, Ont, Sept 2008

Reiki I Training: February 2008

Hi Tana, I just want to say Thank you again for the wonderful week – end. I feel so rejuvenated, motivated and inspired. I’m Excited to journey my path in life and I can't wait to learn more  and more information . I can already feel Reiki changing my life.

(After two weeks:) Honestly Tana I love doing Reiki.  I love the fact I am helping people feel relaxed and it's just such a wonderful feeling. It’s so hard for me to describe; it just makes me feel good, my hands tingle, my heart feels open. It is just a feeling I have never experienced before and I like it. Everyone who I have treated has said very positive things. They feel peaceful and have told me about feeling sensations in their body.  I even had one friend who said she had seen blue and purple when her eyes were closed. It was interesting because that’s what I saw during my attunement and she wasn’t aware of that. I just thought that was a really cool experience and super neat feed back. Doing Reiki on myself is great, it helps me sleep at night and feel more serene. All in all I think my Reiki experience so far has been incredible. I’ll keep in touch and I think you’re great.  I talk about what an amazing and inspiring person you are to people all the time. Lots of Love Christina - Christina S., Ottawa

The Law of Attraction - Oct 17 2007

"She [Tana] did many activities with us that re-enforced the concepts she spoke of". "Very supportive learning environment, [I was] super energized" Wow!

"[The presentation was] extremely clear." "She brought experience and vast knowledge." "This was a great course and I want to take more!"

"Using examples and active class participation made new material concrete." "Repeating important lessons in various formats made it easier to remember." "I learned a lot. Thank you!!"

"Tana is an excellent teacher! Her wisdom was really appreciated."

"Really enjoyed it"

Hi Tana,

First and foremost I want to thank you for a wonderful Friday evening.  You are an amazing woman and I could sit still and listen to you for hours. You are like a breath of fresh air, enlightening and refreshing. I thank God every day to have given me the privilege to have cross path with you. I feel like I've been given a gift from Heaven. Thank you doesn't even begin to express my gratitude towards you and everything you are so willing to share.

(...)I think you'll be pleased to know that my experience in the shower for the past 2 days have been one that I never thought would be possible. I actually let the water run on my head without feeling like I was going to go into cardiac arrest. There was no sense of panic or even fear. I didn't hold my breath as I did in the past when I would try so desperately to get over this. I would go as far as letting the water run on my chin, holding my breath and shutting my eyes so tight it would give me a headache no matter how hard I tried to convince myself that it was water and it was not going to hurt me, but to no avail. But thanks to you the past two days have been different.

After letting the water run on my head and face I stepped away from the water and opened my eyes. I didn't even reach for a towel to wipe my face whereas before the minute I felt the least bit of water on my face, my breathing would stop, my eyes would automatically shut and I would search blindly for a towel, only when the towel made contact with my face would I open my eyes and start breathing. I wouldn't go as far as saying that this newly found capability brought great pleasure to me but it was definitely not an awful experience and I'm sure that in time it will become a pleasure.

How can it not ? How can something so positive not be a pleasure ? As I was stepping out of the tub I felt all giggly, like a child that was just told he's going to Disney World. I'm sure you can imagine how life altering this will be for me. It opens up a whole new world of opportunities. I will even make a confession to you right now. As I was giggling while drying off I had a thought. I'm thinking that I want to learn how to swim now and I'm seriously contemplating in swimming lessons in the future. Just imagine when I do know how to swim I'll have a lot of catching up to do. All these wonderful opportunities that I missed growing up I will be able to experience. WOW.

Again none of this would have happened if our paths hadn't crossed and if you wouldn't be so readily available and willing to share your wealth of knowledge in order to help others like me. You will forever have a special place in my heart full of gratitude that no words can express. (...)

With all my respect and gratitude. THANK YOU TANA. Tons of hugs.

Rina - Ottawa, December 2006 (life-long fear of water cured in 10 minutes during a group demo of Energy Psychology techniques)

Empowering and fun!

Thank you for a fun day packed with exciting new information and empowering language tools! I received new powerful language strategies for creating desired outcomes in my life, and also in the lives of other people (by modeling or/and sharing the new knowledge when asked). I really appreciated the examples/stories illustrating the individual language strategies. Z.T., Ottawa "Language for Healing" workshop, April 2006

You are a unique teacher: so down to earth; you are real. I feel like I can relate to you, and you truly understand me. I feel like you treat me as an equal, and you see only my highest self! You remind me of what is already in my heart.

I take with me your wonderful way to love yourself! The gift of Reiki, innate in all of us, is now ALIVE in me, and I'm excited to see how my life and attitude with change.

This was an incredible experience: uplifting, empowering, and extremely loving!

Thank you with all my soul,

Jennifer C. - January 15 & 18, Reiki I&II Intensive

"The Art and Science of Making Wishes Come True" - October 3rd 2005

"I have to tell you how much I loved your course on wishes....I haven't felt so excited about something in a very long time.  It was as though you opened a door or turned on a light for me, it was completely awesome.  You said that part of the importance of what you do is knowing that you are touching people's lives, and boy you really touched mine!  I was off work Tuesday, and I couldn't stop thinking about it, and I just felt so happy all day.  It was really amazing.  Thank you so much,"

Juliet B. - Ottawa, ON, Canada - October 2005

"Hi Tana,
I would like to thank you for your great course.  Within the same week (Thursday)  and based on your comment: "what would you do on a Saturday if you had nothing else to do ", I have finally found my true calling.  I have been looking for the last 2 years for what I want to do when I grow up and that comment was exactly what I needed to hear. Keep up the good work."
Maryse L. - Ottawa, ON, Canada  - October 2005


"I greatly recommend Tana's Reiki classes for anyone seriously looking into becoming very knowledgeable of Reiki. What I experienced during my time with Tana was organized and well managed classes filled with valuable information. The atmosphere is peaceful and filled with love and is a perfect place to get attuned to Reiki energy. Tana is an extremely talented teacher and knows how to explain the information in an easy to understand way. After every visit I left her house a changed person filled with joy and happiness. You receive so much more then just Reiki and all the extras will benefits you as a Reiki practitioner. I suggest choosing Tana's Reiki class if you want to get trained at a comfortable pace and in an atmosphere that encourages you to be yourself. With Tana it's not just a class, it's a life changing experience. I also suggest taking the energy of language class if you want to improve your communication skills. I’ve never met anyone as wise as Tana when it comes to energy. She will teach you so much about yourself and the world around you that your life will be drastically improved forever. Thank you so much for everything Tana!" Trafton LeBlanc - December 2007


"You make every experience with you a memorable one.  Your sense of timing is right on, you have excellent judgment and you make everything look so easy and accessible to all.  The many examples and illustrations help us assimilate the material with great laughter, it almost doesn't feel like taking a course, it's more like a good bedtime story from which you will wake up never the same.  Follow-up is also an integral part of the process with Tana, which make her workshops all that more friendly and enjoyable.  I feel in good hands with Tana, whether on the table or in her class, her ever-resourcefulness will always full my heart with joy.  Being with Tana is definitely an EXPERIENCE that you can never forget."
Stephanie L. - Hull, Qc, Canada


"The most valuable present ever received, in a gentle, loving and caring way.   Love you and thank you." [Reiki certification training]
Dana, Ashdod, Israel


"With Reiki I discovered that I could achieve anything I can think of. I became abundant and I feel protected by the Universe, and this has been attested in times of great challenge. Since my first Reiki attunement, I have experienced an increased ability to heal myself and I have developed the power to help others – family, neighbors. Is there any greater fulfillment?"
Eliza Saler, Bucharest, Romania


"This has been quite an amazing experience. I look forward to continuing on this path. Thank you for showing me the way."
Doris E., Yellowknife, NWT, Canada


"First of all, I wanted to thank you for the Reiki [training] sessions. I've managed to completely stop biting my nails due to the mental method Reiki we did at your home.   I've been practicing on my friends and relatives.  I've had amazing reactions and one of my aunts was extremely grateful because I sent her Reiki into the future when I knew she was going to be audited.  She said she felt an incredible sense of calm come over her and she felt really relaxed and ready to deal with anything.  Everyone I practice on absolutely loves it and this has made me want to do Reiki more and more.   I love the feeling I get when I know I'm helping someone.  I find Reiki to be so enriching and it has done so much for me.  I'll always be grateful that I had such a wonderful teacher."
Laura C., Montreal, QC, Canada


"I can say that Reiki has changed my life completely. It brought me closer to the people and what is the most important thing, it brought me closer to my soul and my essence. Before that I created an image of myself which I was showing to the world. And Reiki actually started the process of uncovering the real me. It has also changed completely how I look at the world, nature, people and spirituality.
I feel at the end of each session so energized and I am left with the feeling that I can do anything and I mean anything I will choose to do. My body doesn't know fear, anger or stress at that moment. Just pure joy, unconditional love and is experiencing such an incredible peace and relaxation which leads me to a complete balance of body, mind and spirit.
One day I came to Tana directly from work, I was very tired. After the [Reiki] session I went to the supermarket where I met a colleague of mine. She was looking at me so confused. She told me that she was worrying at work that I am sick or just getting the cold, but few hours later I looked like I have returned from trip to Bahamas. And she was right. I felt so relaxed like after a fantastic vacation.
Now after I took my Reiki Level II I feel so happy that I can share this powerful tool with my family and with my friends."
Magda Tlusta - Czech Republic


"When I decided to attend the Tana's Reiki classes (Reiki I and so on) apparently I didn't have any health problems at all; besides, my strong
formation as scientists rejects this kind of 'exchange'. However, my own experience tells me that I can never reject any possibility when it comes from a natural instinct. So, without any commitment I attended the first level class. After the first class I realized a bunch of things that I was missing in my life. First of all I learned how to healing myself and other people; second I learned that for being a good Reiki practitioner I need to keep in mind that these technique do not depend on our intellectual mind, rather than in what are my sensations and what I'm feeling 'NOW'. Thus I learned the huge difference between 'THINK' and 'FEEL' so essential for treating or be treated through the Reiki technique. I also learned the source of all our inspirations is just the LOVE and that we have so much love inside of us. I don't have words for expressing my infinite gratitude to the teacher Tana for showing me the path of light and love.  Thanks so much Tana for sharing and teaching your natural gift."
M.Sc. Physics
M.Sc Neuroscience
Ph.D. student of Medical Physics at Carleton U.

Private sessions:

The day after [our session on Monday], I got to work and I think I may have been shining! I believe that there was definitely a noticeable change in my energy level between Monday and Tuesday! I am not making light of this change by talking about appearances. It was so much more than just appearances ... I feel the energy of my soul was flowing through my being. I feel that our session was only the beginning of a shift in energy that has been draining my family for as far as I can tell three generations, and I suspect more. The ability to feel energy flow in my body has had a profound impact on me spiritually. I have felt called to healing modalities for as long as I can remember, but for me the healing modality of energy and light has had the most profound effect.

The ability to let go of "story" and simply feel the power of the universe really had a miraculously healing impact.

 D.M. Ottawa, ON, Canada September 20, 2005

Having sessions with Tana was an absolute delight. Her energy is positively infectious. Our sessions covered physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. She not only understood what I needed in the moment, thereby choosing from her vast array of modalities, but she also taught me how to use them on myself. She is not interested in creating dependency, but in establishing self-empowerment.
Tana worked with my difficult sleep patterns, getting results in only one session. I began to sleep like a baby, thirteen hours a night at first, and have maintained deep restful sleep ever since. As a consequence, I began to have the energy to deal with the other difficulties in my life.

The lower back and hip pain I had been experiencing, was approached from a self-healing perspective. Tana worked hands on in this case to show me how to work through this pain, and release it, a concept that empowered me to handle pain for myself.

Tana also works with a very effective Pysch-K modality, something which totally empowered me to a decidedly greater focus and clarity in dealing with some very difficult life experiences. I was able to approach these experiences with such assurance after one session, that I realized later that I had not felt a twinge of fear in my body. My energy was rock solid positive.

And finally, I have to say that Tana was an absolute genius in helping me to see how to turn my difficult life experiences totally in my favour. I stopped being the victim of these circumstances and was able to see a way around, and out of my difficulties through her reading suggestions, focused visualizations, and actual practical exercises.

Thank you Tana, with all my heart and soul.

Dorothy P., Ottawa, ON, Canada 2005


"I had a nagging pain in my elbows for a couple of weeks, It was suggested that I try a Reiki treatment by my wife.  I am by nature a skeptical person and I decided that I would try a Reki treatment with Tana.  Within a couple of days the pain had all but subsided in my elbows and has to date not returned.  Thank you Tana - Keep up the good work."
Dennis A, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Frequencies of Brilliance sessions:

"I have been on a path of self discovery and healing for many many years.  I was advancing in baby steps and would often feel discouraged and frustrated with my little progress.  I had experienced Cranio Sacral therapy, over 30 years of physical therapy, psychotherapy, bodywork and all left me with a tension in my mind which could not be released.  I was at a point where I was experiencing so much body pain, I knew I had to try something different.  When one surrenders to Life, miracles happen.  I met Tana for the first meeting at an Amanae session she was hosting with a healer from the States.  As a result of the Amanae demonstration and being touched by Tana as she walked around the room assisting, I felt my heart opening up and my back which had been in knots since I can remember all of a sudden softened and I experienced a release of tension which was pleasantly overwhelming. Since then, I have sought Tana's healing hands for a combination of Amanae and Frequencies of Brilliance.  I am forever grateful to you Tana for giving me a kick start that has embarked me on a  fast tract  spiritual journey of love and light. I truly feel blessed that our paths have crossed."
Mariette T.  Ottawa


"Hi Tana,

As you could see, I had a wonderful experience in my session with you. Much of what I felt I can't really put words on. Release of energy blocks perhaps. New energy pathways opening up. It is difficult to explain, though I felt these things very powerfully.

Towards the close of the session I had a very strong feeling of a presence standing behind me. Then it moved to one side of me, and another presence appeared on the other side. When I asked the first presence "Who are you?" the answer I got was "Archangel Michael", and the other presence was "Gabriel". They "spoke" with me for a few
minutes and I felt tremendous love from them. I can't remember all that they said to me, but at some level they answered my concerns and gave me much encouragement.

Nothing that vivid has ever happened to me before and of course, it was a very wonderful experience. So thank you very much indeed! I felt very safe with you, and I feel you certainly have a gift for the work you are doing. I honor you for having the courage to
follow Spirit and take up your mission. I wish you every success.

I want you to know that I am delighted with the results and look forward to seeing you again."

Many blessings to you, Carroll B. – Qc, Canada


"I experienced your fingers tingling with warmth, and saw a Pleiadian being standing inside your field. She was female, blue, and probably was connected to the time, when you incarnated in that system. There was a group of them as well, that explained to me that the frequencies of brilliance is to be used to regenerate the etheric templates of the body, and to restore to people particularly of Pleiadian resonance, their memories of that civilization, and of their participation within it. Then I drifted off into the energies, and had a vision of walking through a gateway wearing a robe, with two plumed feathered serpents coiled around each arm, walking into an amphitheater, a voice boomed through my body to thousands of beings about the absolute inherent nature of royalty within each of us. How holding the presence of our highest self, transmutes the ego into absolute acceptance and alignment, so that we can carry the full charge of our being. And live in that high vibrational state. The voice came through on and on, and I drifted off again.

Afterwards, the Pleiadians gave me special frequencies, which they asked me to use in the sessions." E.C. - Toronto, Canada - Huna teacher / practitioner, Reiki Master


"Apres avoir recu 3 traitements de la Brilliance avec Tana, je me suis senti eveille au niveau de la conscience. J'ai resenti que les traitements ont ete extremement puissants (comme des tremblements de terre) at avaient ouvert des portes et je me sens plus centre."

"After receiving 3 FOB sessions with Tana, I felt myself awakening in conscience. The treatments were extremely powerful (like earthquakes) and they have open doors inside of me and I feel more centered."

Roger T. - Montreal, Qc

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