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What is Holistic Healthcare?

"Holos" in Greek means "whole". The holistic practitioner regards and treats the whole person, the whole "you", rather than just a physical or emotional symptom. The person - you - are viewed as a whole unity, and in interconnectedness to your environment. Health improvement is sought on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – and the changes attained by you as a health client affect all areas of your life. Unlike the passive "fix-me" healthcare consumer, as a holistic healthcare client you participate actively in your own healing. The practitioner is merely a factor of healing, facilitating the conditions for you to heal. With the holistic practitioner’s coaching, you acquire self-healing and self-development abilities and skills.

All holistic approach modalities for therapy and personal development, take into consideration a person's energy system. The body and mind are regarded as one, and addressed as such. Any dis-ease, physical or emotional / mental, is regarded as a result of a disruption in the energy system. The therapeutic way to restore your health and wholeness, is to use Energy Therapies, also known as Energy Medicine or Energy Psychology. In the same time, you can take measures to improve your health and life conditions: wholesome nutrition; proper rest; drinking enough pure water; practicing mindfulness; laughing "belly laughter" till your cheeks hurt and tears roll down your face; cultivating loving relationships with family and friends; and creating a healthy environment - to state a few. All these factors, together with the Energy Therapy sessions, are forces acting synergistically to support your health and wellness.