Connection as Medicine

Healing your body pain needs relationship skills:

Your body remembers relationship hurts.

Nurture your relationships,
heal your body!

Connection as Medicine

Healing your body pain needs relationship skills:
Your body remembers relationship hurts.
Nurture your relationships, heal your body!

Losing sleep
over a relationship?

Is there someone with whom you have such difficulty that you lose sleep and peace over it? Maybe you have mental fights with them. Maybe you get so tense around them, it hurts. Maybe your heart races with anxiety thinking about them. 

There’s something you can do internally, with your body, to create peace; and there are steps you can take with the other person towards resolution. I can help.

Living with stubborn chronic symptoms?

Is there a stubborn pain, tension, or other symptoms that doesn’t seem to respond to any intervention? 

Your body can guide you to trace the symptom back to its original cause, often in a relationship event. There is inner work you can do to bring relief, and outer work - relationship skills - that can help you create and maintain greater peace and ease in your body. I can help.

Currently, all sessions are offered online, and I look forward to seeing people in person as soon as conditions allow.

Sessions are:
60 minutes at $100 USD or
90 minutes at $150 USD
If you genuinely can’t afford sessions but think you would benefit greatly from them mail me.

The chronic pain and symptoms that the body suffers are rooted in painful past events that haven’t been fully processed and resolved: trauma. 

2 hearts

The chronic pain and symptoms that the body suffers are rooted in painful past events that haven’t been fully processed and resolved: trauma. 

2 hearts

In over twenty years of practice as a healing coach and educator
I noticed a correlation between chronic pain and symptoms, and relationship hurts.

I have seen many failed attempts to effectively change chronic conditions in spite of numerous visits to the medical doctor, the acupuncturist, the naturopath, the chiropractor and more.

Working with body awareness,
I have guided my clients through embodied inquiry into the pain, tension, and other symptoms until they traced those symptoms to past events, most of which took place in a relationship. The memories emerging were of painful events or interaction with others, and the work that brought sustainable change has been both inner work, within the person’s own body and mind, and outer work, in communicating with others.

The inner work works with the person’s views, emotions, body awareness and self-regulation; the outer work requires the cultivation of skills relevant to the person’s experiences and could include speaking up, asking for support, speaking up for oneself and what matters, asking for what is wanted with clarity and focus, listening with loving presence, and more. 

To heal past relationship wounds requires relationships that are nurturing and nourishing. To lower the risk of repeating past wounds requires the cultivation of relationship skills that perhaps weren’t available at the time of the injury. 

Sometimes clients come to see me complaining of a stubborn symptom. At other times, clients come to see me distressed by a relationship that they lose sleep and peace over. Addressing the relationships ease off body tensions, and people go home with relationship skills to practice.

Learning how to connect kindly, generously, authentically and effectively with each other is the balm and the medicine that help us move on from painful past events and circumstances into more fulfilling lives, and with more pleasure and resilience in our bodies. 

I  can help.

You can work with me in sessions, workshops or training.


are available for individuals, couples, & groups, short-term & long-term, according to needs and goals.

Live Workshops

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Tana Saler

Tana Saler teaches relational skills to individuals, couples and groups who seek to connect with others deeper, with greater ease and elegance, and with greater fulfillment. Teaching style is experiential, embodied, and playful. 

Tana’s background is in the healing arts - energy and body-work, in body-mind methods and in linguistics. She is influenced by Ken Wilber’s work and the AQAL Integral Model, practiced and studied Vipassana meditation in Goenka style and with Shinzen Young; and her work is informed by her healing arts training as well as Aikido, dance, comedy improvisation and QiGong. She has been teaching Reiki for over twenty years.

Since the Covid pandemic started in 2020 Tana has been developing leading the Embodied Connection Games through the Embodiment Circles Online.

Embodied Connection Games

Tana developed the Embodied Connection Games which teach relational skills through humour and play, the games are with body awareness and they bring unconscious strategies to the light of awareness through a laughter-filled “Wrong Round” segment of the games. 

Access these through The Embodiment Circles Online, or contact Tana to create a bespoke workshop for your organisation.

Embodiment Circles

The Embodiment Circles keep people sane and connected through these times. The Embodied Connection Games Circles are a playground for practicing relational skills through play and humour.

Embodied Connection Games

Harmonious and coherent teams and communities are more resourceful, creative and productive. Kind and effective connection is key to cooperation, and is a skill that can be taught. 


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