Tana Saler’s Enlightened Commerce Principles:


1- Choose transaction partners who love what they do, and are both happy and passionate about their work. This includes the cook who makes your food, your kids’ school teachers, your dentist, your car mechanic and your airplane pilot.

2 – Choose transaction partners with a sense of humour. Outsource if humour is scarce in your culture. I just crossed the town today for the car mechanics who meet both principle #1 and #2.

3 – Enter transactions that are mutually enriching. If both you and your transaction partner are better off for doing business together, this is a transaction worth conducting.

4 – Do business with kind people first. Their goods and services carry the essence of their kindness and will add to your well-being and possibly inspire you to be kinder.

5 – Think systemically. Create business transactions that are good for you, and your family and loved ones, and your community, and the world at large. As much as possible.

6 – When you sell goods and services, make your business other-oriented: focus on how your goods and services will nourish, nurture and enrich your clients. This is the difference between being service-oriented and self-serving oriented. Take joy and pleasure in enriching your clients.

7 – Listen nine parts out of ten, talk one part. As the buyer, you’ll end up with the best goods and services for you and yours. As the seller, make listening your first marketing skill and strategy, and this will help you match your goods and services with the right people, at the right time, in the right way, for the right reasons. I can’t stress enough how important it is to learn how to listen. Learn and practice inquiry and embodied listening skills, and your service will shine!

8 – For sellers: set your fees using your head (marketing rates, value offered), heart (be generous) and guts (set fees that sit well with you). I set my fees feeling the sensations around my chest and belly: too low feels depressing, too high closes the heart. I play with the numbers until it feels right.

Any other principles should be on the list? What did I miss?