Case Study

Improved sleep

Having sessions with Tana was an absolute delight. Her energy is positively infectious. Our sessions covered physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. She not only understood what I needed in the moment, thereby choosing from her vast array of modalities, but she also taught me how to use them on myself. She is not interested in creating dependency, but in establishing self-empowerment.

Tana worked with my difficult sleep patterns, getting results in only one session. I began to sleep like a baby, thirteen hours a night at first, and have maintained deep restful sleep ever since. As a consequence, I began to have the energy to deal with the other difficulties in my life.

The lower back and hip pain I had been experiencing, was approached from a self-healing perspective. Tana worked hands on in this case to show me how to work through this pain, and release it, a concept that empowered me to handle pain for myself.

Tana also works with a very effective Pysch-K modality, something which totally empowered me to a decidedly greater focus and clarity in dealing with some very difficult life experiences. I was able to approach these experiences with such assurance after one session, that I realized later that I had not felt a twinge of fear in my body. My energy was rock solid positive.

And finally, I have to say that Tana was an absolute genius in helping me to see how to turn my difficult life experiences totally in my favour. I stopped being the victim of these circumstances and was able to see a way around, and out of my difficulties through her reading suggestions, focused visualizations, and actual practical exercises.

Thank you Tana, with all my heart and soul.

Dorothy P., Ottawa, ON, Canada 2005