An Embodied Prayer


A favour to Embodied Wisdom

Favouring spontaneous movement over movement with form these days. It puts me in touch with my own embodied wisdom. I start moving while in bed, with slow, soft rotations and waves and gentle, inaudible breath. Breathing without making sound is taking me some focus because I’m undoing an old habit of laboured breathing.

An Embodied Prayer

I see movement and breath as embodied prayer, its qualities extending themselves to all other aspects of life. So, laboured breathing translates to effort and friction in life; tensing parts of the body that aren’t required for the task translate to waste; moving with struggle becomes living with struggle, and so forth.

A Daily Practice

I pray for greater ease, fluidity, beauty and pleasure. I pray with words during my Metta practice, and with breath and movement as my embodied prayer – some days both language and movement together, integrated.

Metta Practice- blessings for a good life