About Tana Saler

Healer, Educator, Coach, Dog Mom

Tana Saler generosity

Tana Saler teaches relational skills to individuals, couples and groups who seek to connect with others deeper, with greater ease and elegance, and with greater fulfillment. Teaching style is experiential, embodied, and playful.

Tana’s background

Tana’s background is in the healing arts - energy and body work, in body-mind methods and in linguistics.

She is influenced by Ken Wilber’s work and the AQAL Integral Model, practiced and studied Vipassana meditation in Goenka style and with Shinzen Young; and her work is informed by her healing arts training as well as Aikido, dance, comedy improvisation and QiGong. She has been teaching Reiki for over twenty years.


Tana has been developing leading the Embodied Connection Games through the Embodiment Circles Online since the Covid pandemic started in 2020.

The Embodied Connection Games teach relational skills through humour and play, the games are with body awareness and they bring unconscious strategies to the light of awareness through a laughter-filled “Wrong Round” segment of the games.


For individuals, couples and groups who seek to connect with people deeper, with greater ease, elegance, and  fulfilment.

Embodied Connection Games

Practice relational skills through play

Reiki Training

For individuals and groups
Learn Reiki professionally to give treatments to self and others