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Reiki: The Complete Training Manual

Levels I, II and Masters, for facilitators, students and teachers

This is a companion book to Reiki teachers, students and practitioners which covers levels I, II and Teaching Master, with philosophy, exercises, and illustrations.

The manual clarifies the difference between personal and spiritual development, and how to pursue each. It covers developing intuition, and the differences between intuitive readings and coaching. It brings clear maps of well-being and disease, with subjective and objective influencing factors and points towards integrating Reiki with daily life.

“Rei”, the Japanese word for “Spirit”, is the Ground-of-Being, the realm of infinite love and wisdom and open potentiality. “Ki” is vitality, the feeling of being alive, the Élan Vital.

The purpose of all energy work, practices and methods, including Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai-Chi, Shiatsu and acupuncture, is to restore and maintain balance and flow. When Ki flows freely like the water of a river, the body is healthy and resilient, the stamina and mood are high, the occurrence of disease is lowered and the natural recovery from disease is activated.

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Author Tana Saler

Tana Saler is an integrally informed Reiki Teaching Master, and in her manual she brings a very brief introduction to Ken Wilber’s work and his integral model for the evolution of consciousness as a framework for healing. She brings together elements of traditional Reiki with elements of Western emotional healing (Shadow Work, body-mind methods), ethics, and language. The reader will find easy to follow instructions to cultivate sensitivity and perceive energy, sensing imbalances in the flow of Ki, understanding and practicing energy hygiene, and effectively communicating with clients.

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