Fear of flying lifted

We are two sisters who met Tana on a flight. It was our first time on an airplane, and the fear of flying was taking the best of us. Tana led us through a tapping exercise that took the fear away in the few minutes before takeoff, and we enjoyed the whole flight beyond expectations. … Read more

Cleared anxiety

I discovered a shocking family secret after many years of marriage and suffered with anxiety since then. Working with Tana cleared the anxiety and allowed me to face the family changes with peace. Anonymous, Ottawa

Free from water phobia

First and foremost I want to thank you. You are an amazing woman. You are like a breath of fresh air, enlightening and refreshing. I feel like I’ve been given a gift from Heaven. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude towards you and everything you are so willing to share. I had … Read more

Long term coaching

“I have been blessed with Tana’s help, wisdom, compassion, love, expertise and infectious laughter and energy. It started with wanting to be more intuitive and to be successful at achieving my dreams and goals. It’s actually hard to be afraid to look at issues when her smile and warm energy is shedding a light on … Read more

Elbow pain relief

“I had a nagging pain in my elbows for a couple of weeks, It was suggested that I try a Reiki treatment by my wife.  I am by nature a skeptical person and I decided that I would try a Reki treatment with Tana.  Within a couple of days the pain had all but subsided … Read more

Improved sleep

Having sessions with Tana was an absolute delight. Her energy is positively infectious. Our sessions covered physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. She not only understood what I needed in the moment, thereby choosing from her vast array of modalities, but she also taught me how to use them on myself. She is not interested … Read more

Fear of Dogs

Joelle and I met through a peer mentoring group. She was a fellow coach and passionate about personal development. Joelle came from a background that has reservations about dogs, and when she came to my home for a visit, she faced one of her worst fears: my Akita-Chow dog, Kinook.  Kinook never bit a soul … Read more

The lingering lung infection

Paula was a woman in her fifties who came to me with a case of lingering lung infection symptoms. She had completed the prescribed round of antibiotics and still had an annoying wet cough and phlegm that impaired her breathing.  Embodied inquiry revealed a correlation between Paula’s symptoms and the sarcastic, derogatory communication that two … Read more

Anger with drunk, late, needy friend

Maggie and I worked together in embodied coaching sessions for a few years. This time around she arrived at my home office flustered with anger: a friend of hers who was in the habit of asking for money, empathy, time and attention, arrived at her house late for an outing, and drunk.  Before doing anything … Read more