Anxiety After Family Crisis

Mary came to me soon after a painful family crisis, that had revealed a wrongdoing that had lasted for years, and had led to her divorce, and tension between her and other family members. She complained to me about a continuous state of anxiety which she felt in her belly and chest, a cold, tight … Read more

Shame For Late Appointment

Lisa called for an emergency session. She was a therapist, and a few days prior to her call she had an incident which led her to show up late for an appointment with a new client. The client had been referred to her by an esteemed colleague, and now she was overburdened with shame towards … Read more

An Acute Case of Urinary Tract Infection

Elena arrived to me referred by a colleague in the field of the healing arts. She was a young woman, single, in her twenties who was complaining of a urinary tract infection. Our work together started with embodied inquiry: Elena was lying on the treatment table, noticing her body, and allowing her attention to go … Read more

A Stubborn Case of a Restless Leg

Tom was a young man in his early twenties when he came to see me. He had the restless leg syndrome, and had tried conventional and complementary therapies to address it, with no results.  I started the first session with an embodied inquiry into the origin of the symptom. Memories surfaced of Tom as a … Read more