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Translative versus Transformative

Translative Vs. Transformative Two major distinctions in therapyOne major way to cope with adversity is translative practice: giving a new and different meaning to what’s happening to you. This practice has...

Unconventional: Not All Rule-Breakers are Equal

The Pre / Trans Fallacy in Moral Development Why people do what they do matters at least as much as what they do. Two people may take the same kind...

Clearing Space with the Elements

When I first learned about subtle energies, I learned the importance of clearing the living, work and play space energetically, not only physically. When Chi becomes stagnant, it gets sticky,...

Eight Reiki Distant Healing Ideas

Across Time and Space If you are a Reiki practitioner of the 2nd level, you have the ability to send Reiki healing across time and space. In the world of...
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Touched by Kindness

How I saved the world’s economy by eating chocolate, and how I spread compassion by learning how to make hummus Love starts with self-love – food, rest, exercise, self-expression; then...

EFT – Are You Tapping on the Wrong Emotion?

The Emotional Freedom Techniques – or EFT – are spreading like wild fire within the personal growth community, and, slowly but surely, even within the medical world. If you’ve had...
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Conversations: Food or Poison?

Did you ever feel tired and drained of energy without an apparent reason (like building a brick house or cutting wood)? Out of clear blue sky, after being your merriest...