Cleared anxiety

I discovered a shocking family secret after many years of marriage and suffered with anxiety since then. Working with Tana cleared the anxiety and allowed me to face the family changes with peace. Anonymous, Ottawa

Long term coaching

“I have been blessed with Tana’s help, wisdom, compassion, love, expertise and infectious laughter and energy. It started with wanting to be more intuitive and to be successful at achieving my dreams and goals. It’s actually hard to be afraid to look at issues when her smile and warm energy is shedding a light on … Read more

Anger with drunk, late, needy friend

Maggie and I worked together in embodied coaching sessions for a few years. This time around she arrived at my home office flustered with anger: a friend of hers who was in the habit of asking for money, empathy, time and attention, arrived at her house late for an outing, and drunk.  Before doing anything … Read more

Anxiety After Family Crisis

Mary came to me soon after a painful family crisis, that had revealed a wrongdoing that had lasted for years, and had led to her divorce, and tension between her and other family members. She complained to me about a continuous state of anxiety which she felt in her belly and chest, a cold, tight … Read more

Shame For Late Appointment

Lisa called for an emergency session. She was a therapist, and a few days prior to her call she had an incident which led her to show up late for an appointment with a new client. The client had been referred to her by an esteemed colleague, and now she was overburdened with shame towards … Read more