Fear of flying lifted

We are two sisters who met Tana on a flight. It was our first time on an airplane, and the fear of flying was taking the best of us. Tana led us through a tapping exercise that took the fear away in the few minutes before takeoff, and we enjoyed the whole flight beyond expectations. … Read more

Free from water phobia

First and foremost I want to thank you. You are an amazing woman. You are like a breath of fresh air, enlightening and refreshing. I feel like I’ve been given a gift from Heaven. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my gratitude towards you and everything you are so willing to share. I had … Read more

Elbow pain relief

“I had a nagging pain in my elbows for a couple of weeks, It was suggested that I try a Reiki treatment by my wife.  I am by nature a skeptical person and I decided that I would try a Reki treatment with Tana.  Within a couple of days the pain had all but subsided … Read more

Improved sleep

Having sessions with Tana was an absolute delight. Her energy is positively infectious. Our sessions covered physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges. She not only understood what I needed in the moment, thereby choosing from her vast array of modalities, but she also taught me how to use them on myself. She is not interested … Read more

Fear of Dogs

Joelle and I met through a peer mentoring group. She was a fellow coach and passionate about personal development. Joelle came from a background that has reservations about dogs, and when she came to my home for a visit, she faced one of her worst fears: my Akita-Chow dog, Kinook.  Kinook never bit a soul … Read more

The lingering lung infection

Paula was a woman in her fifties who came to me with a case of lingering lung infection symptoms. She had completed the prescribed round of antibiotics and still had an annoying wet cough and phlegm that impaired her breathing.  Embodied inquiry revealed a correlation between Paula’s symptoms and the sarcastic, derogatory communication that two … Read more

An Acute Case of Urinary Tract Infection

Elena arrived to me referred by a colleague in the field of the healing arts. She was a young woman, single, in her twenties who was complaining of a urinary tract infection. Our work together started with embodied inquiry: Elena was lying on the treatment table, noticing her body, and allowing her attention to go … Read more

A Stubborn Case of a Restless Leg

Tom was a young man in his early twenties when he came to see me. He had the restless leg syndrome, and had tried conventional and complementary therapies to address it, with no results.  I started the first session with an embodied inquiry into the origin of the symptom. Memories surfaced of Tom as a … Read more

The Grocer’s Headache – A Reiki Story

I was a new Reiki practitioner when I stepped into a small neighbourhood fruit and veggies store. The salesman was sitting on a chair, his head buried between his hands, a worried elderly woman running back and forth with water and pain killers, trying to help him. The man was in his thirties, and couldn’t … Read more

Victor's Frozen Shoulder

Sometimes people come to work with me after an accident or injury.  Sometimes what brings them to me is a chronic complaint, and what transpires in a session is an accident or an injury that preceded the appearance of the particular symptom the client complains about. Such was the case with Victor (not his real … Read more