The Intimacy of Dog Training

I wonder how our intimate relationships would shape up if we invested in them the time, effort and wisdom we invest in training our dogs. Take recall, for example. This has been one of the top challenges for me with Tilly, and I learned that: – If I chase her, she’ll run farther away from … Read more

An Embodied Prayer

A favour to Embodied Wisdom Favouring spontaneous movement over movement with form these days. It puts me in touch with my own embodied wisdom. I start moving while in bed, with slow, soft rotations and waves and gentle, inaudible breath. Breathing without making sound is taking me some focus because I’m undoing an old habit … Read more

Psychic Surgery

Your regard for others remains registered in your body and energy field. Twenty years ago I met a young Argentinian rabbi who was said to do “psychic surgery”, although he didn’t want to call it that, whatever he was doing. I didn’t understand what he did. I stood up facing him while he passed his … Read more

Three Conditions for Connecting

Three conditions for connecting

There are three fundamental conditions necessary to connect with other people:  1: Genuine interest 2: Transparency 3:  Integrity 1 – Interest Without a genuine interest in the other person, there cannot be a connection. There can be transactions, agreements, arrangements but no real, emotional, human connection. Being curious about each other, and inquiring into each … Read more

Humour is a Delivery System for Content

Saying that someone is humourless because they don’t laugh at your insulting sarcasm is like telling someone who is rejecting unwanted sexual advances that they’re frigid. Humour is form, and as such, it’s a delivery system for any content, be it intended to attack or to support, to divide or to connect, to establish one’s … Read more

Grumpy Dog Granddad

He is a tall, lean man in his seventies, walking a tiny brown short-haired dog. He walks leading with his head, his whole body looking like a moving question mark. The first time I saw him was a warm fall evening. Carmen, my Golden Retriever rescue girl went to greet the little dog, as she … Read more