Embodied Connection Games

Tana developed the Embodied Connection Games which teach relational skills through humour and play, the games are with body awareness and they bring unconscious strategies to the light of awareness through a laughter-filled “Wrong Round” segment of the games. 

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The world’s increasing complexities call for continuous upgrades of our social skills, if we are to survive and thrive as individuals and collectives. Well-being depends on the quality of our relationships, and of the extent to which needs are met through engaging with each other. Disconnect is problematic in a variety of ways, from mental health difficulties, to family conflict, to business failure (where teams lack trust and coherence) to peril (from miscommunication between pilot and co-pilot to wars).

The skills taught through the Embodied Connection Games are learned through play and humour, making potentially triggering topics palatable and easy to navigate. Humour is the “spoonful of sugar” that makes the medicine go down. In over one year of developing the Games, I have seen shy, introverted people who kept their cameras off turn cameras on and initiate conversations; I have seen self-doubts turn into self-appreciation; lonely people connecting easily with others; faces shadowed by heavy emotion light up and break in smiles. I receive numerous feedbacks from participants with stories of improvements in their inner (emotions) and outer (family and workplace) worlds, sometimes in way that surprise and delight me.

The Embodied Connection Games are activities that integrate movement, breath and language to practice relational skills. They are inspired by comedy improvisation, dance, martial arts, healing arts, and communication disciplines such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and NonViolent Communication (NVC).

Harmonious and coherent teams and communities are more resourceful, creative and productive. Kind and effective connection is key to cooperation, and is a skill that can be taught. 

The Embodied Connection Games are a playground and laboratory for exploration and cultivation of relational skills which are organically transferred to the organization or community of the participants. 

Participants get to practice clear, effective communication; co-regulation which adds to a pleasant working or learning environment; and creative collaboration. 

The Embodied Connection Games are customized to your organization’s scope and needs.

For schools: the Embodied Connection Games are customized for the age of the students. Bringing the games in schools helps cultivate empathy and collaboration in our society.

What happens during the Games session?

Each Games session has a theme. Example:

  • Asking for what you want.
  • How to give and receive appreciation.
  • How to give and receive negative feedback, or critique
  • How to listen with presence
  • Inquiry
  • Taking perspectives
  • Each session contains a segment of gentle movement which is relational

The Games are unique for their process:

  • The “wrong round”: the specific skill is first approached by enacting social situations where the skill lacks. Our human unconscious clumsiness is brought up to the light of awareness with a light heart and humour. Shadowy drives, emotional patterns and impulses that we share receive legitimate expression as a game, and participants make unreasonable or vague requests of each other, reject compliments, get distracted away or blame, shame and complain in a caricature-style acting, ridiculing the flaws and clumsiness that disconnect each other, while embracing and accepting  themselves with compassion and lots of laughter. We ridicule the doing, and embrace the doer. The wrong round is most often practiced in the main session, with participants unmuted and contributing “popcorn style”.
  • The “right round”: Participants are offered a clear and easy to follow set of instructions to practice the session’s theme skill. They work in breakout rooms, in diads or triads, where they engage in relational practice of speaking and listening, or moving and witnessing, or both.
  • Harvesting: back in the main session, participants bring their reflections and insights from the game.
  • Sessions end with a relational meditation drawing on mindfulness practice.

The games are embodied: with body awareness of self and others. Movement is gentle and mindful.

Who is it for?

The Embodied Connection Games are excellent for:

  • Individuals passionate about personal development and relationships
  • Families who look for ways to connect in a fun way
  • Organizations seeking to bring greater harmony and coherence among their teams

What for?

  • Greater clarity and effectiveness in communication
  • More ease in establishing emotional connection
  • Developing empathy and social sensitivity
  • Strengthening one’s positive influence on others
  • Building community
  • Finding a safe and supportive space to connect with others who share your passion for personal development, play and humour

Cost and booking:

The cost for the Embodied Connection Games depends on the scope and size of the group and to be established upon a brief phone consultation.