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We specialize in publishing books which focus on personal development, spiritual growth, and the healing arts. Our mission is to inspire, uplift, educate and liberate the soul.

We are located in Ottawa, On, Canada

Beauty, Goodness and Truth

The creative force seeks expression through you, your stories, your ideas, your photography, your art. You create. Your publisher sees that your work comes out to the light.

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Our first book by Author Tana Saler

Reiki manual

Book is available on most international Amazon locations

Reiki: The Complete Training Manual

Levels I, II and Masters, for facilitators, students and teachers

This is a companion book to Reiki teachers, students and practitioners which covers levels I, II and Teaching Master, with philosophy, exercises, and illustrations.

The manual clarifies the difference between personal and spiritual development, and how to pursue each. It covers developing intuition, and the differences between intuitive readings and coaching. It brings clear maps of well-being and disease, with subjective and objective influencing factors and points towards integrating Reiki with daily life.