Why Diet May Not Be The Answer To Your Health

Health food stores are popping up like mushrooms after rain online and offline, thriving on people’s single-minded obsession with food. What began as useful awareness that what you put in your body affects the state of your body (and mind!) has turned into an almost religious fervour pursued by those of us seeking to heal … Read more

Tana Saler’s Seven Principles for health recovery and well-being

1- First condition to recovery: have a life purpose and meaning that is compelling enough for you to want to be well. Have a “Why” before the “How”. Everything else depends on having this condition met. 2- You are in charge of your health decisions, and nobody else is (assuming that you’re over 18 and … Read more

Heart Health – An Integral View

In some parts of the world, it seems that heart disease is statistically more threatening to humanity than warfare; it is the silent killer that the un-glorified many succumb to. Medical research is asking all the why’s within its domain, recently looking at various correlating factors of the individual’s constitution, nutrition, exercise habits and stress. … Read more