Allergies and Addictions

Ideally, every child, individual and society evolves through structural stages of development easily, smoothly, without any problem. If we use the chakra system to look at the evolution of consciousness, the movement occurs from the 1st chakra, the Root, to the 2nd, the Sacral, then to the 3rd, the Solar Plexus, and so on. Structure … Read more

Translative versus Transformative

Translative Vs. Transformative  Two major distinctions in therapy One major way to cope with adversity is translative practice: giving a new and different meaning to what’s happening to you. This practice has value to the extent that it helps see things in a sweeter light. When someone is ill, or there is loss of life … Read more

Unconventional: Not All Rule-Breakers are Equal

The Pre / Trans Fallacy in Moral Development Why people do what they do matters at least as much as what they do. Two people may take the same kind of action, and yet their action may be motivated by completely different reasons. A most common mistake in referring to human behavior is the Pre … Read more