Law of Attraction or Personal Development?

law of attraction

Why I don’t think about what I want to attract, the law of attraction etc: When I want to attract something, I seek to attract an “it”, an object, and by placing my intention on a separate object I make myself ineffective because the world is filled with objects outside of my control. Very annoying, … Read more


Purpose hope and vision

I can’t count the times I heard this word exclaimed like an interjection, without an explanation, elaboration or instructions. Several other times I heard people saying that I or someone else had poor boundaries. It sounded like an awful predicament to be in, without a proper instruction or even hint on what to do about … Read more

Translative versus Transformative

Translative Vs. Transformative  Two major distinctions in therapy One major way to cope with adversity is translative practice: giving a new and different meaning to what’s happening to you. This practice has value to the extent that it helps see things in a sweeter light. When someone is ill, or there is loss of life … Read more