Psychic Surgery

Your regard for others remains registered in your body and energy field. Twenty years ago I met a young Argentinian rabbi who was said to do “psychic surgery”, although he didn’t want to call it that, whatever he was doing. I didn’t understand what he did. I stood up facing him while he passed his … Read more

Grumpy Dog Granddad

He is a tall, lean man in his seventies, walking a tiny brown short-haired dog. He walks leading with his head, his whole body looking like a moving question mark. The first time I saw him was a warm fall evening. Carmen, my Golden Retriever rescue girl went to greet the little dog, as she … Read more

Law of Attraction or Personal Development?

law of attraction

Why I don’t think about what I want to attract, the law of attraction etc: When I want to attract something, I seek to attract an “it”, an object, and by placing my intention on a separate object I make myself ineffective because the world is filled with objects outside of my control. Very annoying, … Read more