The Origins of Reiki

The Origins of Reiki Mikao Usui was a Japanese Buddhist monk in search for enlightenment. The ultimate scope of Buddhist practice, as is the ultimate scope of spiritual practices, is transcendence, meaning going beyond the sole identification with a separate self, and thus ending the suffering related to separation and a contracted identity. Happiness is … Read more

The Grocer’s Headache – A Reiki Story

I was a new Reiki practitioner when I stepped into a small neighbourhood fruit and veggies store. The salesman was sitting on a chair, his head buried between his hands, a worried elderly woman running back and forth with water and pain killers, trying to help him. The man was in his thirties, and couldn’t … Read more

Transmission, Empathy and Power

I woke up laughing. In my dream, a man tried to jump over a table and landed face down in a plate full of hummus. I looked at the beige paste smeared over the man’s mouth and face and exclaimed: This is the most original way to eat hummus that I’ve ever seen! And then … Read more

Victor's Frozen Shoulder

Sometimes people come to work with me after an accident or injury.  Sometimes what brings them to me is a chronic complaint, and what transpires in a session is an accident or an injury that preceded the appearance of the particular symptom the client complains about. Such was the case with Victor (not his real … Read more

Reiki Dog

Was it a coincidence that the very same day that I was reading a book chapter about treating dogs with Reiki, was the day when my dog Dubi had indigestion? “If I had Reiki, I could help him!” I thought, and soon after that day, I went to be trained and initiated in the Japanese … Read more

Reiki: Are Skeptics Throwing the Baby Out With the Bathwater?

Studying the AQAL Integral map for the evolution of consciousness has been the most sobering reality check that I have ever encountered, causing me to question and re-assess everything that I knew to be true, and moreover, everything I teach in my classes. One of the aspects learned is the subjective and objective lens to … Read more