Lessons from a Bad Marriage

I had a “lesson-resourceful” marriage and this is what I learned: Trauma. We marry our unresolved issues. We marry our shadow. We must address and heal trauma so that we don’t repeat it. We must understand trauma so that we recognize it in ourselves and in others. What to look for. What is fixable. What … Read more

Loving Dad

A story of healing the soul of my family and turning fear and resentment into love   The happiest memories of my Dad and I are the first ones that I can recall. They involve apples, a yellow jackknife and a bench in the park. Dad used to hold me on his knees, and feed … Read more

Shining Light on Darkness: How to Identify Shadow Elements of the Psyche

Traits, qualities, emotions, urges, impulses, and other aspects of the psyche are disowned when they are too much for the self to take in, process, or accept. Most of the repressing and suppressing takes place during childhood, when the child is too small, vulnerable, and unprepared to deal with the intensity of emotions or events … Read more

Allergies and Addictions

Ideally, every child, individual and society evolves through structural stages of development easily, smoothly, without any problem. If we use the chakra system to look at the evolution of consciousness, the movement occurs from the 1st chakra, the Root, to the 2nd, the Sacral, then to the 3rd, the Solar Plexus, and so on. Structure … Read more