Heart Health – An Integral View

In some parts of the world, it seems that heart disease is statistically more threatening to humanity than warfare; it is the silent killer that the un-glorified many succumb to. Medical research is asking all the why’s within its domain, recently looking at various correlating factors of the individual’s constitution, nutrition, exercise habits and stress. … Read more

Seven Steps to Dealing with Toxic Emotions

All thoughts and uttered or written words are prayer, especially for one with a powerfully creative mind. I have watched myself create ‘coincidences’ much too often, much too obvious, not to notice. I have been wondering about the best, most effective way to pray consciously. Whether I can control my thoughts or not, it is … Read more

Shining Light on Darkness: How to Identify Shadow Elements of the Psyche

Traits, qualities, emotions, urges, impulses, and other aspects of the psyche are disowned when they are too much for the self to take in, process, or accept. Most of the repressing and suppressing takes place during childhood, when the child is too small, vulnerable, and unprepared to deal with the intensity of emotions or events … Read more

Translative versus Transformative

Translative Vs. Transformative  Two major distinctions in therapy One major way to cope with adversity is translative practice: giving a new and different meaning to what’s happening to you. This practice has value to the extent that it helps see things in a sweeter light. When someone is ill, or there is loss of life … Read more

Clearing Space with the Elements

When I first learned about subtle energies, I learned the importance of clearing the living, work and play space energetically, not only physically. When Chi becomes stagnant, it gets sticky, and it feels as if you are trying to move through taffy. Your cleaning efforts are directed at dispersing the stagnant Chi and allowing for … Read more

Touched by Kindness

How I saved the world’s economy by eating chocolate, and how I spread compassion by learning how to make hummus Love starts with self-love – food, rest, exercise, self-expression; then it spirals outwards to those you love, then those you know, then those you don’t know, then those you have difficulty with, then to all … Read more